Germany is a perfect blend of traditions followed since many years and forward thinking ideals. It’s also a land blessed with beautiful countryside with authentic and pretty villages, thick and shady forests, and extremely romantic river valleys, vineyards, and of course the stunning splendor of the Alps which are best to visit in the summer and winter too.

This charming European country has many spectacular mountain ranges with alluring views and open terrace restaurants in the midst of the scenic mountains and sparkling lakes. Here is our collective choice for the mountains to visit in Germany during summer.

1. Schliersee Mountains

This Alpine region which is just an hour drive from Bavarian capital Munich is the best spot for summer vacations. You can try a number of activities like water sports, hiking and mountain biking. The stunning views with beautiful lakes and clean water ideal for swimming are the beauty of this place. Also, so not miss the relaxing boat trips in summer which is surrounded by stunning mountains. Cable cars and ski-lifts are the high point of the entire trip. Restaurants serving regional Bavarian dishes with open terraces make this destination more enchanting.

2. Wendelstein Mountain

Hiking is the best way to rejuvenate and Wendelstein Mountain has the most attractive trails. This striking mountain is accessible from two sides. The scenic sight filled with lush flower meadows, shady forest and rocky mountain range is truly a mesmerizing experience. There is a restaurant called House Wendelstein is the perfect place to enjoy relishing dishes.  From here you can even watch individual peaks of Wilder Kiser and Großglockner, Rofan, Karwendel and Wettersteingebirge.

3. Laber Mountain

Laber Mountain has incredible views over Ammergau Alps with a bit of rock climbing adventure. While having an amazing hiking experience here one should definitely stop for a while and enjoy the scenic beauty of Ammergau Alps. This place has amazing views and is best to visit during summer. After an hour of hiking, you will reach a point where you can either choose left or right. The left will take you up through the Soilasee which is a lake, but it’s dry during summer on a trail up to Laber Restaurant which has views of Ammergau Alps and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. To the right, it is for experienced hikers as it becomes little more challenging and hence you need to have good balance, good health conditions and should not be afraid of heights. The view over the Ammergau Alps during summer is really pleasing.

4. Rhenish Slate Mountain

The Rhine valley is one of the exotic spot in Germany with River Rhine which flows through Rhenish slate mountains, hillside castles, beautiful fields where wine producing grapes are cultivated, gothic churches, shady forest, amazing cliffs and happy villages are the sight to visit during summer. You should enjoy hiking through this valley trail and have fun with the spectacular views of mountains and castles. This place is home 40 incredible castles overlooking the Rhine valley.