The Garmisch area of the border between south Germany and Austria offers a wide range of activities on the mountains. It is just 1-hour drive from Munich; the German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a mind-blowing spot for any outdoor activities played in winter. Sparkling lakes, shady forests and spectacular mountains are the highlights of this naturally beautiful paradise! Bavarian Alps is ideal for many sports activities like hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. This place is the best winter destination for people who enjoy skiing.

1. Rock Climbing In Oberreintal Valley

Alpine climbing is the best way to start. The Oberreintal Valley which is close to Garmisch is considered as the best option for rock climbers and other mountain sports. As this is a remote area, there won’t be many rock climbers exploring this area. Many climbers have been going to Oberreintal since in 1920.  Spend a short weekend break here and enjoy all the climbing routes, and later hike for at least 2 hours towards Franz Fischer Hut, which is a small and simple mountain hut to spend the night and relax after an intense rock climbing day.

This trip will require basic training and some practice in the rocks, for at least 2 days with professional rock climbers. People usually choose to visit this place between June and September.

2. Hiking From Hut To Hut In Garmisch-Meran Alps 

Once you start from Garmisch, following the Alpines through Austria until reaching the Meran, you’ll get to experience some amazing regions of the Alps.

In addition, you’ll get to stay each night in a different mountain hut of Germany, Austria and Italy. Remember this huts are situated in remote places which may make you feel lonely in the isolated mountains, and hence this is the perfect place for people looking for some alone time away from the world!

3. Ski Touring In Garmisch, Austria

The border between Germany and Austria has perfect spots for ski touring. There are no high mountains, but you can find long ski runs up to meters down. You will surely get comfortable huts here at affordable prices with lip smacking food items. This place is perfect for learning ski touring from trained professionals and mountain lovers.

4. Ice And Rock Climbing In Pitztal

Pitztal has a vast array of waterfalls, difficult gorge, and amazing glacier ice cave.  If you’re an adventure sports lover, then add this place to your list without fail. Explore some of the best multi-pitch routes with 2 days of training sessions. After training, you can learn ice climbing in both rock and ice. It will only take 1 hr of hike, and then you can relax in a charming hotel located in the valley.