In most of the snowfall regions from June to October is the snow season. It may start as early as April or even December. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced skier always book your accommodation, transport and skiing trainer prior, as peak winter season will be filled with bookings. Also, don’t forget to pack insulated winter sports equipments, as well as sunscreen and protective eyewear. If you feel purchasing skiing and snowboarding will cost a lot, at least then consider hiring or borrowing, especially if it is your first trip. These are inevitable when you are visiting snowy mountains.


Start investing in professional ski or snowboard lessons as there is a special thrill when you hit the slopes in winter. You can create fun-filled and alluring memories by skiing, snowboarding and by building snowmen. These activities can be exhausting and tiring, but it will be worth all your efforts.


You can get a pair of spiked shoes specially designed for walking over the top of snow.  These boots are best for few hours of hiking, and also an excellent workout. You can slow down just to soak up the snow whenever you visit a snowy mountain next time. This can be a fun activity for people who just love to play and indulge in snow.


Snowy mountains are the best to see most unique wild life, especially watching animals like kangaroos, possums, cockatoos and wombats. Watching a wombat wobbling along with snow is the best sight to watch. Also, drive carefully after dark to avoid hanging out too close to the road.


Nothing can be more exhilarating than snow climbing, once you learn this inducing task. Learn the basics of ice picks, harness and to rope down the cliff. Many trained mountaineers can train you with securing your ropes and meditation for those who need motivation.


A trip to snowy mountains can be lot more that you can ever imagine. We have a notion that mountains are only for adventures and hence it can be an appropriate place for avid adventure and sports lovers. In reality snowy mountains can be the best place to indulge in lip smacking sweets, fresh cream and chocolates. Most of the snowy mountain locations have bakeries filled with people who wait to taste their favorite desserts.


There are many snowy mountains where you can get food served by high end chefs who have left cities to embrace the fresh mountain air. Try all your favorite dishes in some of the authentic restaurants, right from salads to smoked local trout with butter pudding for dessert. Also, ask for their special dishes and have a hearty meal by a fire place.