Are you planning for a trip to snowy mountains and wondering which outdoor activity can be performed there in winter? Well, this blog emphasizes on the most entertaining and creative games/ activities that can be played in order to have fun with abundant snow fall.

 Here are a few ideas for fun winter activities with your friends and family in the winter:

1.  Making Snowmen

If there is a heavy snowfall, this is the best way to pass your leisure time. Get a bit creative with this game to have more fun with it. Make different shapes, animals or snow families, and also have fun throwing snow balls at each other.

2. Build Snow Forts

Try building less complicated mazes and forts, and use a plastic bin or wastebaskets to get the desired shape of snow “bricks”.  Use food coloring and pine cones to decorate it.

3. Get Binoculars

This may sound silly, but it’s actually one of the fun things to do during snowfall. Prepare a pine cone birdfeeder and add some peanut butter and bird seed and do bird watching. It is really easy to spot birds during winter, birds like owls, ducks, red-tailed hawks, and a variety of other species.

4.  Treasure Hunt Can Be Fun

Fill the area with clues that refer to hidden object, and this can get bit tricky for someone to find and understand the clue when everything around is filled with snow. Even planning the whole game can be fun in the snow as you can raise the difficulty of the task.

5. Making Creative Ice Art

For making a creative and appealing ice art you will need certain objects. Make colored water with food coloring and freeze it in order to create blocks and other shapes. Then bring it outside, and use natural ice and snow on it, to create attractive and colorful ice sculptures. The freezing temperatures during winter can help in sticking the pieces with dribbling water on the sculpture.

6. Classify The Evergreens And Pine Cones

The possibilities are that, you might not be able to identify the evergreens around you. Have fun trying to identify them on the basis of their shapes, length of needles, size and thickness. You can also collect them and take different species back to you rooms to study. Also, try the same thing with pine cones and find or identify.