Snow clad mountains, rocky peaks and geranium covered houses makes Bavarian Alps one of the glamorous and sought-after travel destination.

Bavarian Alps – Fairy Tale Castles, Villages On Mountaintops And Glittering Lakes


King Ludwig II, one of the last kings of Bavaria has a greater contribution in preserving the beauty and adventure side of this location. He ordered the construction of Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle in late 19th century as an acclamation to composer Richard Wagner. This is one of the best suitable locations in Germany for sporting activities.

Upper Bavaria aka Oberbayern stretches south and east from Munich to Austrian border. The shimmering hidden lakes are surrounded by ancient forests and you’ll get to see the beautiful sight of plain merging into foothills and then give away to spiky Alpine peaks. In Berchtesgaden Land, snowy mountains rise from sparkling water of lakes. Chiemsee is the fresh water lake and biggest of the many lakes across the region, and people gather here to swim. Once you start moving towards South, you’ll witness flourishing villages in the countryside with lavishly painted houses and churches. Due to numerous salt deposits, this place has adopted spa culture and this makes the place more relaxing.

Adventure Sports Activities In Bavarian Alps

There are many different sports activities which can keep you busy and entertained throughout your stay in Bavarian. Downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating during winter are the popular ones. There are more to this list of adventures and gaming activities: Tennis, swimming, sailing, golf, paragliding, hiking and ballooning. Bavaria is not only a heaven for folks looking for outdoor activities; it is a competitive holiday destination for skiing. The authentic snowy winter is for adventures and the best time to visit Bavarian Alps is winter. This will give excellent value to your money due to a number of intriguing outdoor winter activities.

Reasons To Stay Longer In Bavarian Alps


Accommodation in Bavarian Alps is splendid with traditionally decorated rooms with splashes of colors, artworks and sculptures in the interiors. Comfortable rooms with lake view and restaurants which serve fresh fishes are the high points of stay facilities here. Some of the hotels also serve home cooked food with traditional dishes blended with international cuisines. Eco-friendly hotels on the shores with green cleaning products and lip-smacking organic meals give a unique experience to travelers.

Final Thoughts


I would personally recommend you to visit Bavarian Alps during Richard Strauss festival in June, hosted by Garmisch-Partenkirchen. And also, while the Leonhardifahrt horsebacks procession in November.